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Velma in Atlanta, GA

I can’t for the life of me convince the people in to office to clear up this problem. I will be submitting a letter to move. I am not going to pay another dime to live like this. Report me to the credit bureau like you told me that you would do. Why should I pay to kill myself? You must be counting down my moving out date on November 30, 2015 to fix it. I refuse to allow this.
It’s time to search within your hearts for the love to care about every citizen in the United States. It’s time to show that you care and represent everyone that walks on United States soil. Why should I pop a pill for a situation that could be correct? It’s time for me to stop crying and fight back.
I can’t for the life of me to have this apartment complex to clean up this mold problem ASAP! I know that Georgia does not have a law governing this problem, but when mold is growing over mold…where are my rights? The tenants above me apologized because every time someone would use the bathroom, the water came down into mines. It took them three months to fix their problem. How long is it going to take to fix mines? I’m tired of reminding them. This is ridiculous. I pay $589.00 for this. I use to be a homeless veteran. I tried to move out, she told me if I left she would report it to the credit bureau. I guess I’ll have to live this way until I move out 30November 2015. My chairs and the apartment have become damp. Mold is on my chairs. Please change the Law.
September is when I first reported the problem in September. October 4th, is when the maintenance man first ensured me that he was going to fix the problem. Water would come down into my apartment every time someone would use the bathroom above me. On October 20, 2015, I was able to have the property manager come inside my apartment and take a look. Ms. Regina promised me that it would be taken care of that day. The maintenance man came they stopped the water from coming down into my apartment. He told me he will be back on October 21 to cut the ceiling out, knock down the walls behind the toilet and fix my toilet from leaking. It has been two weeks now since the property manager came inside my apartment and promised me that this issue would be taken care of. The maintenance man keeps running from the problem. He took pictures and has not been back. I believe he is afraid to clean up the mold. I asked him last week if he was going to clean up the mold and his reply was “no.” I am becoming sick from this. The carpet is damp. Bugs are invading the apartment. My chairs are damaged. Green fuzzy mold is coming out on the kitchen wood. This place needs to be checked so they do not cover it up for the next tenants. I can’t stay. I am having hard time breathing, especially at night.


November 10, 2015…I decided it was time to go.

I left and now I have my State Senator and the Mayor Office involved. This went on for two months. At times I have a hard time healing, and breathing. I am going to advocate for GA H 611 to pass in reference to MOLD.

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