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Elizabeth in Arlington, Virginia

Eek! I just got home from a two week business trip and the parquet floor in my room had buckled and turned into my own personal hollow mountain. I quickly found out that underneath said mountain is a lake of some kind. As I was taking in my apartment’s new scenery, I noticed a black dot on my baseboard. When I got closer I realized that it wasn’t a black dot per se rather a thousand reddish-brown arms with black tips. I have no idea if this is dangerous but I am now positively terrified that this new ecosystem will have some serious adverse effects.


Can anyone help me identify this mold/fungus? Is it a pest or a predator?

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3 thoughts to “Elizabeth in Arlington, Virginia”

  1. Elizabeth, that is quite a strange looking fungus. I do not know what kind it is off-hand. Keep an eye on the comments – I am sure someone with more experience can identify it.

  2. Elizabeth, are you financially able to have a mold inspector have this stuff tested for toxicity? Also, do you own property? If you do and you have coverage in insurance policy for mold, hire a PUBLIC ADJUSTER BEFORE you report it to your insurance carrier. Also has great suggestions. If you are renting, your landlord is responsible for the remediation/repairs and if they don’t, move out asap. Don’t take a chance living in a potentially unsafe home where your health may be affected by dangerous mycotoxins which are the by-product of pathogenic mold.

  3. Elizabeth…We have the capability to install a positive pressure treatment system that will begin immediately killing the fungus that is growing. As our system runs, we will then remediate the fugus and then suggest options using our system that will totally prevent it from growing back. Lake or no lake. Please contact us asap! We’re only a little over an hour away!

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