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liz in Coquitlam, BC

I lived in my rental sweet for 2 months. Right when I moved in i started having severe allergy attacks when I was home eyes were so itchy my vision would blur. I would have sneezing fits. Dizzy. Felt sea sick. I took a double dose of antihistamines every day to try and live with the allergies.I thought right when i moved in that it must be a flower bush out side. New neighborhood new trees and plants. I got a bad nasal infection and I remember feeling miserable and going through boxs of tissues in a day. My kids were sick as well trouble breathing athsma attacks. He had athsma before but he hadn’t had an attack in years.soon after we started getting weird symptoms. My daughter got a rash on her body and i got a rash around my lips as well as my son. I have never in all my years had an allergic reaction like this. I spoke with land lord about the smell of mold in my sweet a couple weeks after i moved in and they had a guy come and fix the problem. But I still could smell the mold. I was staying at a friend’s place because at this point i was feeling very ill and couldnt figure out what was wrong with me and my family. One day I came home and almost passed out I felt absolutely terrible. And then i started looking. I found black mold in the Walls in the dry wall. I left my house and have not been there for 2 weeks we have been staying at a friend’s. This has been so hard on me and my kids. I have lost my job over this. Ive been sick for so long forso many different sickness because of this black mold. The land lord will not fix it and they want me to move but every time i go home my lips swell up. And i have little money to move. I feel lost.


Do you have any advice. If were allergic will mold spores be all over my stuff will i be able to keep my belongings?

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  1. can anybody recommend a good doctor for mold exposure treatment? I also need cases that have won and Canadian cases..

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