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Martha-MAry in New Port Richey Florida

I was exposed to a mold infestation while employed by a temp agency in one of the jobs I was subcontracted to. I do have a mold allergy and am suffering through the treatment of Prednisone, inhalers, benydryl and antibiotics, my employer has fired me and the company that knowingly exposed me has asked me to never step foot on there property, I did make a complaint with OSHA and have not heard anything from them, the health department sent me a reply that they do not have jurisdiction of this in the state of florida, I know they knew about the mold they had Kilz paint in all there locations but hey did not have there buildings taken care of professionally and are still conducting business every day, I was exposed for 7.5 hrs a day for multiple days with out knowing or seeing mold I am still sick and Work Comp denied my claim in less than 48 hrs of me making it. I have no insurance in this state I can not afford the office fees of specialists that run around 200 to 300 per visit. I need further eval what can I do?


I discovered the mold on 02/24/16 I believe I had been exposed periodically when covering that office since 01/22/16. I discovered it by the smell after cleaning the office and the smell still being there. I found it out by my reaction to it all allergic and respiratory. I left the area asap but did not get pictures or samples I know the company took pictures. I have been sick with gastrointestinal, headaches, body pain, difficulty breathing and shortness of breath with exertion. I was treated with pred taper, inhalers, benedryl and antibiotics but still having symptoms 17 days later I am scared. It was on the base board wall and possibly the carpet around a refrigerator area and I started smelling it when the air conditioner was put on for the day.

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