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Jamie in Hartford Ct

I believe that I have mold spores from my last apartment! I suspected that it might have been mold spores, my landlords did a little cleaning but I think the problem might have been going on for longer and the spores have migrated slowly over time. I decided to move of course, but now I think that there are still mold spores in some of my belongings. I am having allergic reactions on a daily basis, and my nephew who lives with me is constantly sick and is on several medication, as am I. I’m beginning to lose my mind a little, and my patience as well.


I don’t believe that there is a leak in the new home that we are renting. My question is: has anyone out there tried to clean mold spores out of the air? Aside from fogging, which I am going to try (I have also called a professional to check the air) is there any way to truly get as many spores out as possible? And yes, I have purchased several air purifiers; they work a bit, but I am looking for a stronger solution to help with this problem. Please help! I want my health back!

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