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Desparate in Phoenix,Arizona

I lived in the very wet state of Alabama with my husbsnd for about 6 years before moving back to my home state of Arizona in 2010. While in Alabama i did notice what appeared to be black mold growing in my husbands closet. I found myself curious about it and glancing at it a few times but i never knew the extent of damages mold could cause and i blew it off the entire time. I also notuced a thick oily/slumy yellowish browm film throughout our home as well but because we are both smojers i wrote that off as being nicotine residue and did a deep cleaning of the entire house paying special attention to the walls which appeared to have the most residue. I found it quite strange how quickly the walls would be stained with the rezidue after cleaning them thoroughly but again i blew it off. In 2010 we packed all of our belongings into a uhaul and oyt truck that we pulled with the uhaul and drove to arizona. We moved into an apartment that we have paid for in advance. Upon movung into the somewhat ran down apartment i noticed a small mold stain just above the shower head in the restroom. My husband cleaned it with a bleach solution and it never returned. On the other hand there was a stain that was slightly reddish in color on the carpet nothing major with thought as it was only the size of a baseball if you will. We stayed at the apartment for two and a half years before moving into a house. Nonetheless, we watched that stain grow and grow and turn very black in color. Despite having the carpet prprofessionally cleaned on several occasions the stain would come back with a vengeance! Larger and darker everytime! Might i add that same yellowish brown oily substance consumed the apartment as well. So we finally moved into our condo. We were so happy as ot appeared to be newly remodeled and very clean. The original bathtubs remained but no big deal i thought. The backyard was breathtaking. It was small but had a homemade sprinkler system that didnt appear to have been used for quite sometime and flower bed that i was excited to ant flowers in so i thought. So about a month into our nrw home and unpacking but still organizing i would be alone in the evenings while my husband worked. One particular evening as i sat on the couch i thought i was losing my mind as i seen tiny black dots all over the tile floor. I mopped and theyd reappear. I told my husband who just blew it off. But i couldnt and this was the start of a nightmare that still exists today. To make a long story as short as possible i was cinsumed with not o ly the oily slimy film that was still with us but these mold stains that began to surface everywhere. I became very ill mentally and physically. Very very ill. I had the water inspector come test the water due to my severe itching and nauseated feeling i felt everyday. I also had the landlord send a professional mold company out to test for mold that i always knew was there but ironically told the landlord the test results were negative. My husband refused to hear anything of it after that point. However it was killing me. I had every symptom of mold exposure times 10! I ended up walking off of my job experimenting with drugs and sleeping outside in my car to name a few. This is after finding oily wet looking stains all over the backyard that had no working running water. This is merely a glumpse into the nightmare ive live the past several years. Although we are currently living together homeless in a motel room my marriage has reached its breaking point. My husband continues to deny even seei g this filthy oily slimy film that has followed us everywhere and that i consider the source of our problems. His truck is infested with it on the inside. It has completely destroyed what once was a very nice vehicle. I assume that because he has it in the truck that he drives everyday to and from work that we cant get rid of it because he brings it into every place we go from the truck. What do i do? Im worried about my husbands health as he too is showing severe symtoms of mold exposure yet refuses to believe it. My skin has slowly deteriorated and has become dark and very soft with wrinkles like a 90 year old! It clearly looks like something is breaking it down and consuming it. Ive had to shave my head bald, ive got kidney stones deteriorating hip bone and an enlarged thyroid out of nowhere! Ive never been so sick in my life. I cant think sleep or focus on anything and my husband and i almost hate each other! We can barely stand the sight of each other very long but underneath it all we know we live each other tremendously. Whatever this crap is has destroyed my kife completely! Please can someone tell me what it is? Is it mold? Is it too late for me to recover? What can i do to help my husband who refuses to believe that hes beung eaten alive by this monster as well. If somebody can help please call me 602 473 8500.

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