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Michael in Port Jeff

by Jonathan

my landlords lied about alot of stuff they hoarded parts of my place there animals n bird livn in my area n theyve had 12 floods in 6 years n told me o this never happend i cleand up the 1st flood cost me hundreds i got sick n my puppy n then we got flooded out again my clothes are ruind n 1,000s in stuff n there tryn 2 bully me to leave wa do i do ima nice guy but im not a sucker i took vids n pics n they have many town voilations here HELP my puppys puking


what can i legaly do please please i have vids

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Jonathan August 11, 2011 - 10:16 pm

Michael, from a legal perspective your options are probably limited. Justice costs money and, unless you have someone willing to fight on your behalf on their own time or you have the money to pay someone to fight for you, getting traction in court will be difficult.

It sounds like you need to get out from that home as quickly as possible. Is there any particular reason that you’d want to stay there? For the safety of the next renter there may be wisdom in reporting them anyway – for your own sake, though, its more important that you find a better place to live.


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