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Mike in Perkasie, PA

This feeling, utter defeat with continued belief, has obstructed my way and knocked me right off my feet.

Could it be imagined, a conditioned reaction, that stems a strong root from the power of passion.

How could it be, that once made of stone, could crumble to dust, and end up alone.

Vigorous efforts, the paved and unknown, before brought good fortune, leaves now a bitter tone.

Certain and unwavering, no will to move on, and still seeking the answer to pull you along.

A future was visioned, a voice has been heard, and my own obsession, viewed as absurd.

Battles have been fought. Cause for one more, justification, or face results from the war.

End is the focus, to fend off attack, victory is my needle, in a vast haystack.

Father, spouse, son, but no friend, Selfishly mistaken, for faith I defend.

Moses brought relief, for those who did follow, and Jesus fell to doubt, yet still felt them sorrow.

Gifted a vision, only Noah has been told, by faith he was guided, nothing more need be sold.

Has this bond been deleted, from deep in our sole, from listening to an angel, to now paying Satan’s toll.

Our savior, found in faith, in faith lies a love, pouring into family, created from his blood.

If Jesus came to be, advise and beware, do we listen as did Noah, or fall to despair.

The gift of his touch, fierce and so strong, to withstand loss of love, bringing light to the wrong.

I heard the voice, resulting in my loss, a gift without substance, answers lie on the cross.

How would I be judged, choosing to ignore, lending faith to the unworthy, yet still ask of him for more.

All around us are signs, his words, subtle clues, guiding us on our way, with each footprint , he is with you.

The battles I have lost, were fought without pride, for I have tried to bargain, pleading cause on both sides.

For the choices I will suffer, the boldest of all signs, and as he lies there on the cross, I must read between the lines.

There lies a hidden threat, and Satan waits for choice, blind to gracious angels, silence becomes his voice.
Now accepting loss is faith, demonstration of my love, for I believe my guidance is coming from above.

The loss, hard to bear, and solitude I can not share. Our way soon corrected, my blood needs faiths’ care.
Both sides were in battle, faith verse shallow reason. While patching holes in desperate panic, to satisfy my feeling.

I regret with great sorrow, the pain for I have brought, has darkened our tomorrow, ingrained in our thought.

Unable to accept, and just move along. Must use love now to guide, for our choice must be strong.

Satan, patient and waiting, with devastation in his glare. and the more Unfaithful choices, deeper he made our tear.

So close that we could feel him, but blind to his delight, looking back on our troubling sadness, Satan brought it day and night.

For when have I ever, failed to be a light, and project a sense of love, appreciation for my life.

When choice has been made, away from the angles wing, the devil shows his face, and we invited him right in.

For you may never grasp, satan’s path for us was set. Trust I have seen his wrath, a hell I wish to forget.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. True to most our own decisions, in hope for mere prevention.

My choice may disappoint you, and you will bare your own, know satan will be waiting, too close to leave our home.

I have failed to stop and listen, and use my greatest gift, to provide a sense of comfort, when matters become adrift.

A vision, I’ve been consumed, has led me off my coarse, a search, to find the purpose, has left me with remorse.

Perhaps the voice holds true, with intent to shed the light, share warning to a certain danger, believe it’s clear, and in plain sight.


I have been through the worst hell known to living man. I was once, among many other positive atributes, prosperous, successful, fun, talented, and loving. In just 2 short years, a mold illness has taken away my money, my home, my career, my wife, my daughter, it has pushed away all other family and friends, it has put me in financial ruin, and has left my mind, body, and sole in a disabled state. The worst symptom of it all, was having every one I love and every doctor I saw tell me it was psychological and my mind was producing the symptoms. As I watched my 3 year old daughter get worse, I had to battle with both family and ignorant doctors telling me all kids get sick, it’s normal. I have turned to faith. I simply want to dedicate the rest of my life trying to prevent others from this pain. From the first sign and symptom to the first step of true recovery, I want to share what I have learned. I have now hold a mastery ofspecific 1. Mold and algea research in areas such as growth, environment, identification, mycotoxins produced with related symptoms 2. mastery of constructrual issues leading to water and humidity problems 3. extensive knowledge on air quality and how to test for all types of hazards. 4. I know true remediation steps, moreso, I know what not to do. Please, before you sacrafice everything, ask me and I can help.

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  1. I have been sick 2 years they say I have mold in my sinues I been on treatment 6 months but everytime I stop meds I get sick again

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