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Sharon in Bolton, United Kingdom

I was working for an iresponsible employer – where the job was conditional that I live on the premises – which was infested with water based mold – and I had a sustained period of exposure – after collapsing I was admitted to the ICU where I was in a coma 8 weeks on a ventilator – then 2 month hospital rehabilation
and permatley disabled –

I am looking for some iformation – in relation to – illness and consequence in relation to severe mold exposure

What length of time could mold incubate in the lungs – and what indicators would be present in the pathology reports to link the mold exposure to the icu admission

This in in relation to a matter – where I was the victim of an irresponsible landlord/employer – and I have been left disabled.

I would appreciate any info or if you could point me in the right direction

Thank you

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