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Sally in Sydney Australia

I rented a shop in 1996, renovated it and within 8 months I was told never to return by my Doctors. Initially I had pins and needles in my tongue, when I inhaled I felt I was inhaling something weird. I went to 4 doctors they thought I was mad. Until finally one was astute enough to send me to an allergy specialist who sent me for a chest x-ray which showed my lungs whited out. He instructed me not to enter my shop/ office for 2 weeks and to then have another chest x-ray then go to the office and stay for an hour or so and then straight in for another x-ray. Well during 40 minutes I started bloating up in my abdomen and burping and pins and needles again. So I phoned the doc when said go t=for the x-ray now. the 2 x-rays from that day showed first clear lungs then 2nd had started to film over in white. He referred me to a professor who conducted allergy tests and concluded I was allergic to mould and dust. The professor sent at my expense of $900 them back to a technician to do air space studies of the shop over a 2-3 hour period and the result came back health hazardous levels of pennicillium in the air. This is a derivative o f mould. Up till now I have had pneumonia 3 times. My lungs have never been the same. I didn’t become an asthmatic until I turned 35. Going forward I only get allergies if exposed to dust or mould. Dust I can remove the mould gives me infected lungs I recently started a new job and due to mould in the office I took 5 courses of antibiotic’s and once left the job until my chest cleared. My answer and advise to all is remove yourself from the allergens this is the only cure you can not remove any mould without going to great stress and expense and turning your life upside down this cost me a divorce and I have upset people at work. There is no cure but going elsewhere and you heal instantly. Moving is difficult, but it is the only remedy. Trust me, I have been a victim of this in the past and I understand and anything which comes my way now no matter how uprooting it is it just has to move out at any expense . Health rules!! Start packing.

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