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nancy in barre, vt

by Jonathan

i am in the process of getting evicted for non payment of rent and have received a summons for court. I have lived here for 4 years. It is a very old building. As time went on i discovered some minor repairs that needed to be done and alerted the property manager about them. Over time i found out that the kitchen and bathroom pipes in the apartment upstairs had leaks. My bathroom is below the second floor bathroom. The ceiling collasped from the leak and had to be replaced. There is still a leak that has not been fixed because there is water stains where it is leaking. There is mold all over my shower unit with cracks that have been covered up by cocking. The mold goes so deep within the bathroom that there is mold in my toliet.
I have another leak in my kitchen ceiling which comes from the kitchen sink on the second floor. My kitchen is right next to my bathroom so i believe the mold has spread within the walls and ceiling of both the kitchen and bathroom.


Who or what organization can i get to come in and see this to document this?

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