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In late February, I have fallen off the ceiling from water leakage, flooded neighbor from the top. As a result of a leak on the inner surface of the ceiling and walls, I saw a lot of yellow mildew, white and black. Possible water leak lasted for several months. As a result, the ceiling was wet, swollen and collapsed down. There are several commissions, tests were carried out on asbestos. The analyzes revealed the presence of asbestos, the house is quite old. Tests for mold is not carried out. At present, for two and a half months, we live in an open ceiling is in danger of exposure to asbestos and mold. Nobody does anything. We are desperate. My health and my wife has deteriorated. My wife is an asthmatic and now she is forced to take medication twice as often. I ask you to help us. With respect.


Where can I consult an experienced lawyer. Do I need to and I to test for mold? What to do in this case?

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