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DeAnna in Visalia

I just moved out of a house two months ago my kids and I had lived in for four years. When we moved one of the couches we saw black mold on the wall. I had been always ill in that house at one point I felt that I was dying. I had many different symptoms from nausea and vomiting to fatigue, and I even had a seizure. I just was wondering what black mold would do to a person and when I read all the symptoms I was left wondering if it was all because of that mold. My boys had strep throat all the time at that house and one of my boys had bad nose bleeds all the time. I want to know if I can find out if there is anything that I can do about this like take the owners to court. I feel bad for the next people that rent from them because I know they didn’t take care of the mold. The probably just painted over it.


Can I sue the owners? How can I have someone find out if it was black mold for sure?

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