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Narree in Los Angeles, CA

My symtoms started when i started working at my job 7months ago but even though i knew what mold can do to someone I didnt think it was mold that was making me sick. Untill I discovered mold at work facility about 2momths ago. As soon as I saw it I notified my supervisor about it and she told the handy man in charge of the facility. All he did was conftont me about what I discovered and he tried to convince me that it was not mold and that he already took care of it. I told him that i knew what mold like and that I also knew it could harm u.I was shocked of the way he confronted me and the way he was talking to me so I didnt bother to say or tell anyanyone else. I googled black mold and the affects of it and I was speechless becsuse I thought it just gave u a runny nose. I started with a bad chronic cough and my voice going away then my ear infectiom that lastest 3/4weeks then me thinking I had a flu virus then while this is all going on. I am so sleepy and exausted that I have crashed 2 times. I get a runny nose everytime I walk in to work. I have gotten 3 nose bleeds I ger head aches that dont go away. My muscles cramp up. My elbows neck kneww hurt for days at a time. I cant get up from bed iin the morning with my husband helping me because of my back pain. I wake up at night screaming from the pain I get when my legs cramp up. My hair falls out alot. I forget alot of minor things. I get hortible mood swings I sometimes get a bad taste in month sometimes. My doctor sent me to the wrong specialist now im just waiting on my insuranse approval to see a allegery specialist. So that I can get tested for mold.


Can I sue my employer for exposing me and other employees to toxic mold?
Because im not the only person who is severely being affected from toxic mold.

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