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Paige in Scottsdale, Arizona

My daughter and I moved into this apartment 10 months ago. We have both been repeatedly sick the whole time. Headaches, fatigue, respiratory problems, etc. She missed 20 days of school last year, and I missed even more days of work.

I discovered black mold in my kitchen last weekend. It was coming through the paint on the walls. I have bleached it, and it returns in about 8 hours. I told my landlord about it, and he had a company come and do a test. It confirmed that it is black mold.

Now I have been given 3 options…1. Stay. The complex will put us up in a motel while the work is being done. Meanwhile all our stuff will still be there, and we will be expected to stay until the end of our lease. 2. We can transfer to another unit in this complex. The rental rate has gone up, and we would have to sign another year lease. 3. Move to a different complex by Monday. Yeah, that sounds great doesn’t it. I have been touring places for the past 4 days, and still havn’t found anything in my daughter’s school district.


I am wanting to know if I have any rights in this case. I feel as though we should be compensated for living through this. Instead we are getting the boot. This just feels so wrong. Is what they are doing legal?

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One thought to “Paige in Scottsdale, Arizona”

  1. Hi Paige, Call your local code enforcement and ask them how you should proceed. Indoor Environmental Concerns
    Mold: Mold has always been with us, and it is a rare property that does
    not have some mold. However, over the past few years a certain kind of mold
    has been identified as a possible contributor to illnesses. Allergic individuals
    may experience symptoms related to mold. The Arizona Department of Health
    Services, Office of Environmental Health, states: “If you can see mold, or if
    there is an earthy or musty odor, you can assume you have a mold problem.” I found this through a website however it is for perspective home buyers. I would suggest contacting them and asking if you have certain rights as a tenant. If you have ‘toxic mold’ you need to leave all your things behind due to cross contamination. You and your daughter’s symptoms indicate that you may be living in a very unhealthy building. Please check out similar stories here on the mold blog for advice to other renters who are victims of mold poisoning. It is imperative Paige, that you leave this property a.s.a.p. and find a home that is clean, safe, and environmentally friendly. You and your daughter’s health are in jeopardy if you do not. Hopefully you will find a ‘safe’ haven soon.

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