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Recorda in Dallas, TX

I live in an apartment complex where there is mold in the master bedrooms of most of them. I have found out that the building structure of the roof is bad and that the apartments should never have passed inpection. I have developed several health problems as well as my daughter. Finding someone to help me make them fix it or pay to have my stuff professionally cleaned or sue is a problem. Can someone please help me. Also I have contacted several local, state and federal departments only to be misdirected.


Is there a lawyer in Dallas that can help?

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One thought to “Recorda in Dallas, TX”

  1. MY daughter is moving to Dallas in a few months. She lives in Tucson and has a chronic illness and had been exposed to mold at an apartment complex there and got very sick. She moved into a brand new complex since then. She is worried about moving to Dallas because it is humid. Are there any statistics/sites/etc. that show where mold is most common in that city? Is there a doctor that treats mold affected patients there? Thanks for your consideration. Ellie in AZ

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