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Steffanie in Pownal, Vt

Our family was also attacked by black mold and sickly apartments, in Florida. We had lots of problems, body smell that was loud and no way to alleviate, hair loss, graying hair, loosening gums, loose teeth, memory loss, extreme ADD symptoms, yellowed skin, rashes, acne, breathing problems, dying pets, I could go on and and on.
Here’s some of the ways we recovered, besides moving from that apartment. First, you guys need intervention on the inside ………….
look up milk kefir benefits -testimonials, water kefir beneifts -testimonials , food grade diotomaceous earth benefits -testimonials .. you can buy diotomaceous earth from Earthworks .. these things and more will help your body rebuild safely and give you the living flori that battle mold/viruses and candida … also look up the Body Ecology Diet and check out raw cultured foods … all this will help defeat many things on many levels once it’s established in your body. What you will be studying is technically biological warfare.

IMG_08871-266x400 …. My husband got MRSA … it was 70,000$$ worth of hospital treatments and extreme antibiotics to defeat it .. yet it wasnt defeated –it kept coming back… one time he noticed the usual signs of a MRSA relapse was perparing to go back to the hospital for treatment .. I asked himto please try a kefir shake , one milk kefir smoothie put it in submission!! … milk kefir has the friendly flori antigen for deadly MRSA .. plus 70 others that are excellent for your gut. My son is recovering from autism using the above products … I found my kefirs online through craigslist .. super cheap!! 5$$ … there are You Tube videos that demonstrate how to both make the kefir and how to serve it ….. AND THESE THINGS CAN BE MADE IN A HOTEL ROOM .. really!! Currently, we actually are living in one .. we have recently moved to Vermont and are just about to move into a “new to us” apartment..
My protocol for using the diotomaceous earth and kefirs – (IS DAILY USE)… ( I had long days) at about 5:30 – 6am, I drink a bottle of spring water with a single spoonfull of diotomaceouse earth in it ( spring water .. no clorinated waters .. EVER AGAIN) … then in the afternoon, I’ll have a water kefir tea, tastes like Arizona Tea ( the way I make it with non clorinated waters )— then after dinner I will have a pina colada kefir shake ….. timing is important here .. diotomaceous earth can kill off the good flori as well as dangerous molds / viruses etc .. but the diotomaceous earth also has the minerals you desperately need, plus it also removes (gently) heavy metals from the body and nervous system ( my sons autism was brought on by a vaccinne) … my son is on the above mentioned drink schedule too and it has worked well for us … also when he was 3 yrs old I also gave him Tahitian Noni juice on an empty stomach, and the autistic screaming stopped… it was feeding his body in a way that he desperately needed, minerals are extremely important to the nervous and autoimmune systems. I kept him ‘on’ Noni for three years. But the significant changes didnt occur untill I put us on the drink schedule as mentioned above. The Diotomaceous Earth is just as important as the kefirs.
All these things can be ingested by any member of your family .. they are safe and they are food and they are gluten free. … I have so much to say about all this … please if you are intrested contact me so I can share more of what helped us in greater detail and encourage you.

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3 thoughts to “Steffanie in Pownal, Vt”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing Steffanie. It’s very encouraging to hear that you were able to over come it so successfully. The Kefir sounds good. I may be trying it soon.

  2. Quote `My son is recovering from autism using the above products’ … is this really true? will you please share more on this ? Thank you… I have an aspie child… I just started making water kefir last month and giving it to my child…

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