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Trisha in Holbrook, Massachusetts

Ok, we found a house that we would like to purchase. We went back for a second look 30 days later and found a lot of greenish mold on the bathroom wall and you could smell the mold throughout the house. Should we not even consider purchasing this house? Should we purchase the house at a lower cost and gut the house? Also, I spoke to one the the neighbors and she told me that the house has been vacant for 3 years. Also, I have two kids a 9 and 14 year old. Please let me know asap.

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2 thoughts to “Trisha in Holbrook, Massachusetts”

  1. Trisha, if you can smell it throughout the house and you’ve found visible signs I strongly suggest, that unless you really know what you’re getting into, that you walk away. A home with a major infestation poses a serious health problem and it is definitely not worth the risk. Thank you for sharing your story!

  2. Hi Trisha, I completely agree with Jonathan. We are in the remediation business and know that repairs & treatment for this home is potentially in the tens of thousands depending on many variables. ‘Toxigenic, pathogenic’ mold is nothing to take lightly and can destroy one’s health. Your good health and welfare is not worth taking any chances of this nature!

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