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Whitney in Blackfoot, Idaho

I have moved out of my dad’s house to go to college. When I returned home to visit, my room smelled of mold. My bedroom is in the basement, and the window is under the deck. I had a large collection of porcelain dolls in the window ledge. Now, my dolls are covered in mold, as well as the wooden window seat. Any suggestions on cleaning and sanitizing the porcelain as well as the clothing? I think some might be able to save, others are not.


How can I clean mold and mildew from porcelain dolls and their clothing?

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3 thoughts to “Whitney in Blackfoot, Idaho”

  1. Whitney, thank you for stopping by and sharing your story! I haven’t run into mold on porcelain before and I don’t have a current recommendation. I will lean on those with more experience to share their suggestions.

  2. Hi Whitney, Not only do your dolls need to be treated but the entire basement as well. The mold did not just mysteriously land on your dolls; it is in the air throughout the basement and possibly in your dad’s house. We treat properties for mold contamination and the evidence of the mold on your dolls is a sign of a far worst situation which needs professional attention. If you do not properly treat the dolls with the elimination of the spores, mycotoxins, and dead mold casings, you will only be partially correcting the contamination. If you remove the dolls and place them in another environment and there are still spores on them, you will cross contaminate the next place where they are stored.

  3. I have porcelain dolls and they have mold on them is there any other way other than professional attention

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