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cleaning mold

Types of Mold Cleaners

What Are Some Mold Cleaners that Work?

If you’re battling a mold problem, here are some cleaning solutions recommended by others who have waged war on mold.

  • Lysol – Lysol is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a product recommended for spray disinfecting of mold mildew.You can find Lysol spray cleansers that claim to kill bacteria, as well as spray disinfectants that can be applied to surfaces before the mold or mildew has a chance to develop.
  • X-14 and Tilex – Products like X-14, Tilex, and Clorox cleansers are very similar to bleach, and often the main ingredient is chlorine bleach.They are inexpensive, and while they may not completely remove the mold roots, they are affective at removing the unsightliness of the mold.Keep in mind, however, that on porous surfaces, a stronger mold killer will need to be used. Even Clorox concedes that bleach is a somewhat effective tool in the removal of mold on hard surfaces.
  • H2Orange2® – This is a popular new green product on the market used for eliminating mold problems. It is user-friendly and environmentally safe, having the lowest level of toxicity of any mold killer on the market.It contains citrus oil (from orange peels) to cut through the dirt, surfactants which clean the dirt, and hydrogen peroxide, which oxides the mold and mildew and brightens the surface by bleaching out the stains.
  • AntiGrowth® – This is actually a mold, mildew, and algae preventative solution, and therefore regular use of this can actually prevent and control mold problems just as easily as cleaning up an established stain.The good thing about this product is that it works on almost all surfaces, porous and non-porous alike. It is also safe for all surfaces, made for outdoor and indoor use, and is relatively affordable.
  • Air Ionizers – While an air ionizer is not a liquid cleaner, it does in fact clean the air. Ionizers are powerful air purifiers that remove dust, allergens, and mold spores from the air.These spores land inside the house, using moisture in the environment to grow into troublesome patches. Regular use of an air ionizer may prevent future mold outbreaks by removing the source of the colony.

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21 thoughts to “Types of Mold Cleaners”

  1. How do I get rid of mold on dishes? I have always stored my china in plastic bins/containers and for the first time in 25 years, I found MOLD on my dishes. What do I need to do? Are they ruined? Please help!!

  2. Genna,

    Your china dishes are most definitely not ruined! =]

    Clean the plates with hot soapy water (add a few cap fulls of bleach if you want) making sure all visible chunks are removed (if there is any visible mold left). Run the china through the dishwasher, and they will be safe for consumption use.

    Good luck!

    Joslyn from the MoldBlogger team

  3. I had my closet tested for mold and the detector read high numbers like 58,69,70. The normal is supposed to be below 17. I took everything out of the closet including some of my clothes and laid them on the bed in that room. I’m not sure how to get rid of the mold spores correctly.

  4. I’ve been told several times over the last year that the old standard of Clorox does not totally kill and prevent recurrence of mold/mildew—that, Lysol does. What ‘s the truth ?

  5. My clothes were left in the washer for a day i completely forgot but niw they stink like u left them yok ling ive washed them over and over the smell still wont come out even dryer shrets and fabric softener wont do it i need help??

  6. How do you kill fungus/ yeast on your body?
    I hav this swollen ripple coming right from my lip with lines in my lip.. 1 line is very deep going into the swollen ripple. Feb will b 1 year i hav had this problem. Sores on my body. If i shave. I hav 100s of pin holes or slice marks on my legs or arms that bleed bad..they scab n then u can see white dots .. These white dots i can see on my skin at times that i pick them out with tweezers or a pin… No Dr will help me anymore.. We hav tried every med. they just dont work on me anymore.. Something in my homes keeps reinfecting me n i just dont kno what to. Do… I even found a mushroom growing frm out of the trim on wall next to shower.. A MUSHROOM.. A mushroom that grows outside.. Coming out frm under my trim.. Im in tears.. I hav had these sores on body now going on 4 years.. N like i said off lip a year.. I dont want to leave my house from swollen eyes n my lip.. I dont look like myself or feel like myself. I just cry all the time.. I wish i could just live a NORMAL LIFE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE

  7. Shannon,
    Take a cup of ammonia and wash your clothes again. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use any type of chemical to wash or dry your clothes. Dryer sheets and fabric softeners are some of the worst offenders when it comes to healthy, clean laundry. You may also put Borax in with the ammonia as it will help clean the clothes in a healthy manner. Personally I use Miracle ll soap which I market and the combination is great. Chemicals are a bad combination when mixed with spores and together they create a volatile mix.

  8. Nina,
    I would also recommend a topical product for the skin called RENU 28. It is identical to the ASEA and has 4 times the concentration of the redox signaling molecules which again are ‘NATIVE TO THE BODY’. Our bodies manufacture these to help us stay alive. As we age, we produce less and less of these and the RENU will help your skin regenerate, rejuvenate, restore and replenish dead, damaged, compromised cells. You can see more info at

  9. Question…
    How do I remove the mold (I think it’s mold) from a suitcase. Just pulled it out to prepare for a trip and there are spots of what I think is mold! Help please!?!?

  10. Oh! And I want to use my essential oils instead of chemical/commercial cleaners. I have the certified pure oils that are mentioned in one of the previous blogs, rosemary ,melaluca ,oregano etc, also protective blend and cleansing blends.
    Thank you!

  11. I have many bath towels destroyed by mold.
    The towels were still in a good condition but the area where the mold was found had turned black and soon the fabric tore apart.
    I have tried soaking them in concentrated bleach as well as white vinegar and also a combination of both.
    But they didn’t work at all.
    I understand that borax IS very good in getting rid of mold and so far I haven’t tried it as it is difficult to buy borax either combined with a detergent or by itself.
    Any idea where I can find borax products in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?
    Thank you.

  12. how do you clean clothing hangers after being exposed to an environment where mold has been? i am in the process of cleaning all my linen in borax and vinegar and laundry detergent but need to clean my hangers now.

  13. I believe our basement has mold and we haven’t even gone down there for a while, it’s most likely from a small leak from washer and there are many clothes, toys and furniture down there. I am wondering if we can save the leather coaches and what the best way is to clean up. I am fine with throwing the rest. I am hoping to avoid a professional.

  14. Hello. I have a wool-filled comforter. It was left wet in the clothes washer. I washed with detergent and Clorox2 a couple of times, but it still has a heavy mold smell.

    Is there anything I can do to save it?

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