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Jackie in New York

I live in a 3 bedroom house. The room next door to me had approximately 10 to 20 sq feet of mold damage, 4 or 5 visible minor spores and one larger one. I have the door duc taped but there were a couple other small spots though out the house and they have been smelling the stale smell and I have been possibly breathing in unseen spores. I don’t know if I am paranoid or if this tingling in my throat and cough is from this. I am 22 years old smoker, active, average immune system.


  1. Can mold enter my system, cause any lung or heart disorder, or kill me within a week of the explained amount of exposure?
  2. Do I need to replace all sheetrock in the room, or just around damage ?
  3. What surfaces can and can’t bleach kill mold on?
  4. What few steps can I take and what materials can I use for cleaning with bleach and efficiently killing all mold?
  5. My contact lenses have been more dry and difficult to remove, could this be related?
  6. Are there any spores in my room next door or in the hallway?

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