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alethea in redding

by Jonathan

My family moved in to our mobile home in june 6, 2015.everything went fine until we had the first hard rain .when my husband notified the owner,he flat refused to fix or even give any advice.my family are first time buyers we trusted the owner because they how are Christians,we knew them.we went to the bethal church with them, had bbq s at there house.anyway trying to fix a leak in the middle of a rain storm is litterly impossible.everything we tried washed away .this whole ordeal lasted over 130 days.ehile fixing the leak ee discovered massive amounts of water dammage,black mold ,and wood rott.endedup having to build another wall and replace part of th wood framing for our floor..I no I have black mold all over my house I need all the walls and the wood frame for my floor replaced they are all rotted out.point of my story dont be decieved by wolves in sheeps clothing when it comes to your familys health get it inspected.I m going all the way im sueing the mobile home park ,the city if redding and the owner.this mobile should of been demolishd years ago.


Can you have more then one kind of mold and how long would it take to have the whole mobile infested with mold?

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