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Jill in Pascagoula, Mississippi

I’ve always had allergies and battled various health problems all my life. Long story short I live in south MS and my home was flooded by Katrina and we basically lost everything from about 4 feet and


What are these spots? Is it mold? If it is how would you proceed from here? This is a picture of the half bathroom in the rental we were looking to lease and I just became aware of the spots today. When we looked at the home the other day the power wasn’t on so they were easily missed. The power is on now and now that I see it I’m petrified. I then inspected other areas of the condo and found similar stains in every bathroom. The master bath had what looked like mold but like it was really faint billowy circles getting bigger around each other. This pic I would describe as scattered dots. The upstairs bath has peeling pain, swelling drywall and black dots at the edge where the shower and drywall meet. That I know is mold. What I was told by the realtor and owner is “the spots in the bathroom are from the peer being off and it getting too hot in here. We can wipe it off and paint over it. ”
I don’t feel safe unless there is a whole in the drywall that is cut to investigate further the possible source of the stains. I’m pretty sure the upstairs swelling of the drywall is a no brainier and needs to carefully be remediated. But the stains and spots. Should I try and work it out? I wanted this condo so bad. It’s a wonderful location, great price, family knows owner and I was told he said he will do anything that is needed to make the place livable for me. I haven’t found another available rental this nice. What do I do? If anyone happens to read my story I’m happy to hear any and all suggestions. I’m so new to this and need every ounce of help I can get.

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