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Debra in Rice

by Jonathan

I have been renting a house for seven years. Paying 200.00 extra a month for down payment. Over the years my mom and I have been getting sicker and sicker. My mom skin tone was yellowish, she was collapsing, always sick. She will be 85 in August. I don’t have any strength to go nor do anything. The owner was told that the furnace needed to be replace two years ago and the air conditioning wasn’t working right. The bathroom ceiling was slowly showing dark spots. The basement bathroom ceiling was slowing getting cracking spots. Things were rusting. Ceiling vents rusty. Spots started showing on the basement hall ceiling. I really thought my mom was going to die. She was always so healthy and strong. People would come over and get stuffed up n feel ill. I bought a mold test n in 48 hours mold. I started looking closer in basement laundry room/furnace and found black mold on wood, pipes, drainage system, hot water heater. I moved to a different place. The landlord is blaming me for the mold and said its my fault. I found papers copy’s that verified that the pipes were leaking inside the Wall’s a year before I moved in. He is telling me I destroyed his house. He kicked me out even after I had told him I left. He never maintained anything and would scream at me if I don’t have yard looking good. I wanted to have my brothers do some Wall patching and painting he wouldn’t let me. I wanted to have carpet changed to tile. Thinking it was old and part of problems with us being sick. He did no upkeep. We are slowly getting better and my mom skin tone is getting back to its original color. How did I cause the mold or leaking pipes? How is this my fault? He owns and sells rv s. Has other business and he is a bully. Along with rich. So he is keeping my deposit, all the extra money for years, and charged me 100.00 extra a month for walls carpet because of wear and tear.what right’s do I have? I don’t have the money to fight him and he scares me.

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