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Rachel in Houston

I am looking for an attorney to hire due to my uninhabitable apartment due to mold that refuse to fix. My dog and I have been very sick because of it. In fact I just got out of hospital due to symptoms so bad that I couldn’t stop vomiting. There are my others sick as well. There remity of fixing the mold was to bleach the walls, paint over as well as no new carpets.


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  1. RE: Chuck Rains, 38 yrs old, Austin, TX


    I have a comprimised immune system, and have suffered legionnaires disease complications in the past. 6 months ago I moved into a home and have been getting progressively more sick with every day. Heart pain, lung pain, fever, vertigo, skin rashes, runny nose, brain fog, hallucinations, possible stroke, systemic whole body yeast infection, plus more. My dog has same symptoms. I think we are both getting very close to death. Only yesterday did I find black mold of the Srachybotrys type not only growing in my home, but in my bedroom inside my nightstand and inside my box spring. I have now located it on a dying tree outside, and possible in the leaky garage area.

    I am very scared and connot find out who to call for help. My cognitive function continues to diminish and I am rapidly losing the ability to care for myself. I am a veteran, I am unemployed, and have no family support. I know I am supposed to leave my home and not come back but I just cant. Not on my own. Hell, I should probably go to the ER but I can barely stand up without blacking out. Can you please refer me to someone that can help me with stachybotrys identification? I am desperate.

    Any help you can provide may just save my life. Thank you for your time.

    In dire need,
    Chuck Rains

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