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Brenda in Rochester, Massachusetts

My husband and I separated in June 2010. My house is in a short sale and he left me and my 2 asthmatic children in a house full of toxic mold. The doctors and insurance said get out as soon as possible because we are now getting sicker and I tried for help calling housing. They sent us in circles and as time goes on its getting worse. The house is filled with mold – it has to be professionally bleached and maybe condemned.


I need housing fast where do I go with my children? Any suggestions?

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3 thoughts to “Brenda in Rochester, Massachusetts”

  1. I would not suggest bleaching the mold.
    It will usually get much worse by doing this.
    Where is the house located?
    If you need help, please call us at

  2. With cooler weather in store windows and doors will be closed. The effect that the mold seems to be having on you will only get worse. If a professional inspection and then remediation is not in store ASAP, get out!!!!!
    I am close by in Lakeville: Mold Rover (508) 923-0660.
    Good luck.

  3. 1. Talk to your insurance and see if you are covered for mold.

    2. Have a Mold Inspection by an independent mold testing company.

    3. Do remediation if necessary.

    4. Hopefully give bill to insurance

    Live happily ever after 🙂

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