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D in Diamondhead, Mississippi

We live surrounded by trees and our overhang and back door has black stuff on it. I do suffer sever allergies and wonder if this is what’s causing it. I love being outside on my back patio but noticed (pic attached) black fuzzy stuff that grew overnight. 

I live in South MS, so it’s always humid and patio faces the south. 

If it is black mold how can I eliminate it? I only found the mold in the spot shown in the attachment.



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One thought to “D in Diamondhead, Mississippi”

  1. We have very similar “thing” in the n ok rth too. I live about 45 min from zmemphis, please if you find out let blog know my grass is completely dead around especially around the house.Im dealing eith the same skin probs. My whole family wants to admitt me to mental institute . Thank you

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