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Kathy in Portage, Indiana

I live on the first floor of a row of 2-story apartments. Whenever anyone in my immediate area runs their air conditioner, water gushes down into my utility room and out a drain on the floor of the room. However, I see globs of something near the drain and some water still remaining on the floor that does not make it down the drain. I have had bad headaches, unusual fatigue and sinus problems lately that are not a problem when I leave home and am in another environment. Could this be a mold problem?

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2 thoughts to “Kathy in Portage, Indiana”

  1. Dear Kathy, Yes you could be experiencing a mold problem. We offer a system that uses safe breathable treated air to actually kill mold and mold spores both in the air and on surfaces. We have either permanent units or portable units you can place anywhere you feel there is a problem. We can help you out and give you a safe indoor breathing environment. Please contact us asap!

  2. Kathy,
    Is the water going right into a drain via a pipe or something? not clear on that. Drains can have mold in them, and if the water is continually making the floor around the drain wet, you could have mold under the floor. Since you are sick in the unit, and feel better when you are away, that is a huge indication that mycotoxins are present. You need to have quality mold inspection and testing and proper remediation; you should not be in the area until it is safe. Be aware that the effects of exposure are cumulative-the more you are exposed, the sicker you become…

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