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Nikki in Pensacola, Florida

by Jonathan

I manage an auto glass shop here in Pensacola Florida and I have a severe mold problem. I have been at the district manager to get fixed for a year now. The highly visible mold and the mold water that leaks above my desk is now causing major health issues and I am in fear for my health as well as my 2 year old son that has asthma who is also here at times due to my 54hrs and 6 days a week schedule.

It’s been a year now and I suffer from severe headaches and breathing problems from it. I have had to go to the ER it is so severe and the district managers answer when I explained the Doctor thinks they are related was you need to fix the mold at home as well. And can I prove that with medical test. My response was if she would like to pay for the DR we can check it out and see. I’m not a MD so I’m not sure fyi I have nothing wrong with my home this is observed. What if it’s caused damage that’s there for life? In fear of our health!

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Jonathan August 9, 2011 - 10:25 am

Nikki, thank you for sharing your story! Do you notice the symptoms improving when you are away from the office for any period of time?

Overall, it sounds like you really need a better place to work, either within the current facility or a new work place entirely. A job can be replaced, your health, though, is much more difficult to restore.

Chrissy Mann August 9, 2011 - 11:16 am

Hi Nikki, No job is worth the health of you and or your son. I highly recommend Lori Tondini’s book, Are You Moldy? From what you have written, it sounds as though you are being affected by mycotoxin poisoning which is a result of exposure to mold spores which release mycotoxins.If you are inhaling this substance it is potentially deadly depending on the type of mold, the amount, and the time of exposure. You need to find a doctor that is a mold specialist and who can correctly and properly diagnose your condition by performing the necessary blood tests that will identify the pathogenic materials that you have inhaled, absorbed, etc. Mold poisoning is NOTHING to ignore or dismiss and must be addressed by a medical professional who has been trained and is knowledgeable in the treatment of fungal illnesses. Lori’s book is a wealth of information. You can also find her on facebook and she comments on several groups with members that battle mold related illnesses. Also, when you go from a mold contaminated job environment, the mold spores stick to clothing, shoes, purses, belongings and cross contaminate your vehicle and your home. Do not take anything for granted and find a safe place to work and you may need to dispose of your belongings as well to begin feeling better. If you continue to stay in a contaminated workplace and home, you will NOT get better but worst. Hoping for the best for you and your son, Nikki.


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